Danny Creed, Sales and Marketing Executive & Business Coach

A Business Coaching expert dedicated to understanding each client’s vision for their business and their personal lives, from their point of view, and then I help them create an exclusive and personalized success plan; execute the plan and complete their vision. My unique approach helps clients to achieve their personal and business goals faster that they could ever do on their own. What I do is not right for everyone, but for those few that truly want something better out of life and business; this will be your last stop.

Douglas Gold, Financial & Operations Executive

Doug has spent his life seeking simplicity amidst confusion. Whether in business, politics or personal relationships Doug has defined himself a Scribe of Simplicity™. Doug has spent the last 21 years mastering an ability to go from big picture to details and back again in working on diverse transactions, ranging from an IPO to venture financings to acquisitions and operations, in a variety of industries, including banking, software, services, manufacturing, non-profit and law.

Richard Hoag, Esq., Communications and F.I.R.S.T. Method

Richard is a savvy lawyer/senior executive with over 25 years of hands-on experience in thousands of large and small business transactions, legal negotiations, and problem resolution for personal and business matters. His experience in a wide variety of industries, teamed with his legal knowledge, has resulted in a rare combination of skills that make him a go to legal problem solver, and a highly respected business consultant (strategic planning, executive coaching, and communications workshops). Law degree from USC.

David Pescherine, MBA, CFA

David is a key advisor on everything finance and business management. He has had a successful career in Investment Management and Equity Research. David’s career spans 20 years with companies including Pepsico, First Union Bank, Citigroup and presently David serves as the Director of Equity Research for RNC Genter Capital Management. MBA from NYU.


“You have been the most helpful
recruiter I have ever worked with.”
– Kevin, Former Disney IT Employee