Dazzling Our Clients

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help. Your hard work has resulted in me getting a job that I love! The Sysazzle experience was amazing from start to finish, and I am so grateful to you and your company. I will recommend Sysazzle to anyone who will listen, and twice to those that won’t! Thank you again, and have a great day. You deserve it.”
– Greg Caudill

When we discussed what to name our company in December 2007, the partners agreed that the consulting, staffing, and recruiting industry isn’t rocket science. However, it is extremely challenging. We wanted to be different and we wanted to Dazzle our clients, consultants, and candidates. So, we took the two words, “Systems” (for business and technology) and “Dazzle,” and joined them to originate the name Sysazzle.

We have built a culture around “the Dazzle” with positive reactions from all around the World.

Experience “the Dazzle” below and by visiting our Facebook page for images and stories of “the Dazzle”!

“Thank you so much for taking the time to ask the right questions. I have not had this kind of service from any other firm ever.” – IT Director of UCLA Health Systems

“Thanks again for all of your hard work. The two candidates I met with today were both very impressive.” – IT Manager of a Fortune 400 Healthcare Company

“My experience with Sysazzle has been first rate and I’d like to thank you for that.” – Tim, Consultant Healthcare IT

“I realize how much behind the scenes work you must have done that I never knew about. You made the entire process easy, and I felt I could reach out to you if I ever needed to.” – Mitchell, Consultant Healthcare Industry

“I wanted to formally thank all of you for everything; for finding me and affording me this opportunity and for your support and generosity. Sysazzle is truly a unique company!” – Mary, Healthcare Business Analyst

“You strive to understand the needs of your clients and you make what can be a laborious process as painless as possible.” – Phil, Senior IT Director, DaVita, Inc.

“It’s been pleasure working with Sysazzle and thank you very much in all the support you have provided. I wish best of luck to Syzazzle and you are the best employer I have ever worked with.”   – Vivek, Los Angeles, CA

“Team Sysazzle – YOU ARE AWESOME!! I know it hasn’t been easy this last couple of weeks, we appreciate all of the extra effort and for coming through for us!” – Catapult Technology

“By outsourcing our recruiting, we’re able to take advantage of Sysazzle’s experience and access to a greater pool of qualified candidates. They respond to our urgent staffing needs and save us money, which is paramount.” – Mark Hunker, President and CEO Catapult Technology

“I have worked with a lot of recruiting companies and I have never worked with a company so dedicated to the qualifying process.” – Bob, Government Consulting Partner

“You stepped in during a time when we really needed the help and you came through. I know that was not easy to do.” – Barry Kane, President Catapult Technology regarding IT Staffing @ U.S. Dept of Interior by Sysazzle, Inc. President of a $160M Government Consulting Firm

“Thank you for being so diligent in beating the bushes for candidates. I got twice as many compliant resumes from you than from another form, and better candidates as well.” – Ralph Parkinson, IT Manager, Government Contracting Company

“It has been a pleasure working with you and the Sysazzle Team. Extremely easy to work with and no issues whatsoever. Thanks again and hopefully there will be bigger opportunity for us to work together in the future!” – Kevin, County Government IT Manager

“It is satisfying to me to know that there are still people in this business that truly care about the customer instead of the just “bottom line” all the time. I hope we keep in touch and I look forward to working with you in the future.” – Alan, Government Consulting IT Project Manager

“You strive to understand the needs of your clients and you make what can be a laborious process as painless as possible.” – Senior IT Director, Fortune 400 Company

“A self-described introvert, I was uncomfortable with many of the sales-oriented activities required to build a new network that would help achieve my career and personal goals. Sysazzle coached me for three sessions, and made me really look at my core skills, and connected me with resources in my target cities. This gave me a lot of confidence and made me more successful in my discussions with potential employers. Sysazzle really helped me, with straight-forward advice and a nudge out of my comfort zone, to find a job where I can contribute.” – Leona Spencer, Sysazzle Client

“Thank you for all of your assistance – you made the process very enjoyable.” – Terri, VP of Human Resources, Supply Chain Company

Your team is amazing, from the beginning you were responsive, available for questions, transparent and on point.  It has truly been a wonderful experience working with you.  Call me anytime and I would be happy to help you in any way that I can.  – David, Entertainment Consultant

“You have been the most helpful recruiter I have ever worked with.” – Kevin, Former Disney IT Employee

“Working with another vendor of ours is the exact opposite of working with Sysazzle. You guys are about follow-up, reminders and details… the other vendor promises a lot and then I have to bug them for everything.” – John, CIO Entertainment Industry

“You are elite professionals; you made me feel safe and supported me.   Your team was as good if not better after the close of the engagement and your approach is humanistic and mature.” – Maria, Senior Consultant Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

“You guys are about follow-up, reminders and details… the other vendor promises a lot and then I have to bug them for everything.” – John, CIO Entertainment Industry

“That’s great news from all aspects! Yes I can start it this Thursday. I also need to express my appreciation for the team members in Sysazzle who have been involved in this project. I promise to do my best to keep the Sysazzle reputation as great as it’s now with the client. “ – Reza, Senior Consultant Health IT

“I can’t thank you all enough for the amazingly fast turnaround! I literally found out about the position, interviewed, was offered this new position and quit my previous job within 4 days. It was seamless!” – Jessica, Phoenix, AZ, Direct Hire Placement

“You guys have a really tight shop you are running there. And I felt very well represented and I was impressed how quickly you could get things done and over a weekend.” – Rey, Senior Management Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

“Sysazzle helped me retool, refresh and refocus my resume. With a 30-year career to my credit, I needed a new set of eyes to hone in on key accomplishments, clear away superfluous information, and highlight what employers today are looking for. Sysazzle’s professionals succeeded in a task I had been struggling with.” – A Mid Career Communications Consultant in Washington, D.C.

“I really have liked Sysazzle’s professionalism and would like to continue to work with your team.” – Raj, Candidate

“Thank you so much for making my one year anniversary with Sysazzle so special. Thank you again!” – Yuri, IT Healthcare Expert

“I really appreciate it your time and work ethic of your team.” – Kishore, Candidate

“I wanted to officially thank you for meeting me at your client last Wednesday. It made the interview process much more relaxing. Sysazzle is truly ‘dazzling’. I can understand why the client uses Sysazzle for their hiring needs. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure to speak with at Sysazzle has been courteous, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.” – Diane, PMP IT Consultant

“All of us have been contacted at one time or another by firms over the years but I got a sense of integrity and honesty from you that seems a bit uncommon in that field.” – Steve, Candidate

“Thanks so much for the interview prep and tips on interviewing. It really helped me to calm my nerves and I used many of your suggestions.” – Dan, Former Client and Consultant

“I really appreciate the time you spent to qualify my skill set and experience. I have yet to experience such an effort from other firms. I believe that both our interests are