Quality Process

Sysazzle's Quality Process for Staffing and Recruiting

Dazzling Our Clients

Ten-Point Qualifying and Send-Out Process*
Step 1 – Source pools of Candidates appropriately suited for the job requirement

Step 2 – Filter Candidate profiles based on
• Years of Experience
• Position Title Match
• Skill Set Match
• Duration at Previous Positions
• Other key attributes based on Client Requirements
• Geography to Customer Site

Step 3 – Initial conversation with Technical Recruiter and Candidate

Step 4 – Initial conversation with Talent Acquisition Manager and Candidate

Step 5 – Thorough technical and functional evaluation with Technical Recruiter

Step 6 – Thorough soft skills and functional evaluation with Talent Acquisition Manager and/or Account Executive

Step 7 – Cover background and reference requirements with Candidate

Step 8 – Meet Candidate in person or via FaceTime/Skype/GoToMeeting

Step 9 – Discuss Candidate with client and discuss next steps

Step 10 – Send Out Candidate to Client with notes and schedule next steps

* Serious sense of urgency

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