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The US economy keeps humming along, now at 70 straight months of private sector job growth and economic expansion. The unemployment rate has been cut in half since its high point after the Great Recession, but employers often struggle to find the right workers, especially in the tech sector.

That was confirmed in Deloitte’s recently-released its annual survey of 500+ executives, America’s Economic Engine: Tapping the Brakes. According to Steve Keathley, a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and national technology leader for Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services, “These companies are facing a dearth of talent in this respect. They need to be sourcing talent well in advance of the need because they’re vying for the same people as everybody else and it’s not going to get better any time soon.”

Deloitte also found that training is expected to take up a larger portion of budgets, and that tech salaries are anticipated to be higher in 2016.

Tech and health care are expected to lead the entire stock market into higher territory in 2016, according to Alan Gayle, senior investment strategist at RidgeWorth Investments. “Tech will gain traction as the economy continues to grow,” he told The Street.

So what are the hot jobs for 2016? InfoWorld reports these are the most in-demand positions in the tech sector this year:

• UI/UX designers/developers
• Full-stack Web & product developers
• Network engineers
• Security/cybersecurity professionals
• Mobile engineers
• Business analysts
• IT project managers
• Cloud architects/integration
• Data scientists
• Content management systems (CMS)

“Our technology needs are constantly growing and we’re finding it challenging to keep up the pace,” said David Lyons, Executive Vice President, Technology Solutions Division at Catapult Technology. “Sourcing qualified candidates from the start is key, and that’s how we’re staying ahead of the game.”

“The environment is always competitive but coupled with a growing economy the challenge is in identifying candidates who can grow into a changing role,” said Michael Paradise, CEO of Sysazzle, which recruits tech staff for public and private sector clients. “We want to lower the cost of hiring for our clients by matching skills, culture and outlook. That’s what makes a productive employee and a successful employer.”



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