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Manager Tips on Reading & Reviewing Resumes

  1. Scan the resume from top to bottom quickly to get a sense of the current skills and abilities, person’s overall progression and capabilities. Is the current position a match w the candidate’s experience and capabilities?
  2. Then Scan the resume from bottom up to top in order to get a sense of the overall look, organization, career progression, industry – technical – or functional consistency in the career and overall presentation.
  3. Is the resume impressive? We are going to look for:
    1. Can you find value statements (value that the individual brought to the organization) vs. showing up and doing what is expected and only what is expected?
    2. If they are doing what is expected is that enough? Or are you looking for the value one brought to the table? Like cost savings, ROI, efficiencies, collaboration, leadership.
    3. Keep in mind that if the value statements are not found in the resume then mark that for something to cover in a phone interview.
    4. Are bullets or job responsibilities consistent w the titles?
    5. Education and Advanced Degrees (are they related to the work experience, if not why)
    6. Job Titles and Career Progression
    7. Awards
    8. Certifications
    9. Grammar, spelling and punctuation accuracy
    10. Neat layout that is easy to read/follow: consistent formatting one font throughout, indentations (tabs not spaces), dates that are easy to follow


    1. Has the person copied and pasted the same bullets multiple times?
    2. Is there a lot of movement in the job positions?
    3. Is there any evidence of decreasing responsibility?
    4. Has the person moved around to different cities and states?
    5. If there are multiple positions are they related?
    6. Identify unknown companies that are no longer in business and ask why?
    7. Google those companies
    8. Look for acronyms of company names and if the acronym is similar to the person’s name then it is likely the person was self-employed at that time. This can be perfectly fine but ask questions around this – why, what clients they worked for, durations, etc.
  1. Take a pen and:Tie Durations together from the bottom of the resume to the top and calculate and document in the margins – (see sample resume review below). Look to find gaps simply to ask about those gaps.
  2. Circle Career Progression points in the person’s history



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