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Website U.S. Army

Client Need / Objective:

The Army’s Strategic Communications and Outreach division required a significant redesign of its Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention Program(SHARP) Website to bring it into alignment with recent Army policy updates and revised marketing materials. While the fundamental Web technology(a specific version of ColdFusion) was identified in the statement of work, many content and technical requirements, especially regarding multimedia resources, were unknown at the initiation of the project. For example, a full-text, wildcard search function was added as a requirement after the project was in progress.

Sysazzle Solution:

A Sysazzle Web developer and project manager coordinated creative concepts with the Army’s SHARP marketing team, and proposed designs for approval electronically. Once a design was approved, the developer implemented the text, photo, graphics and other multimedia content using the version of ColdFusion required by the government.

During implementation of the Website’s video content, the client determined that a lengthy approval process would be required to install standard server-side multimedia player application software on government infrastructure. Sysazzle resolved the issue to the client’s satisfaction by recommending and implementing cloud-based video player software, a solution which had the added benefit of improving video playback of the Army’s high-definition streaming content.