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The team at Sysazzle is here to help in any way that we can with your career and job search.

    1. We can assist by keeping you in mind for a position that our clients have or that we come across in the industry.
    2. We can also assist with information and resources including the information presented below.

As we look at transition and for that matter ongoing career networking, we look at it as a puzzle. A puzzle that lives and breathes as you live and breathe in your career and requires nurturing in order to get the results you want to achieve.

The pieces of the puzzle in career networking and ongoing career advancement are rooted in people and I recommend applying the “old school approach” of:

    1. doing more and more in person or by phone, and
    2. affecting the lives of other people in a positive way

This is what Bob Burg preaches in The Go Giver Approach

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