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Refer and Earn

To refer a friend or co-worker for a position at Sysazzle, fill out the form and send it. If your referral is hired, you will be eligible for up to $500, depending on the assignment and the candidate’s qualifications. We are actively hiring professionals in many categories and always willing to talk to the right candidate.

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    Program Rules

    Employee Eligibility

    All active Sysazzle employees are eligible for a referral bonus with the exception of any staff employees on a bonus/commission plan, executives, managers or any of their relatives.

    Non Employee Eligibility

    All Non-Sysazzle employees over the age of 18 are eligible for a referral bonus with the exception of individuals working for a recruiting organization, managers of Sysazzle customers, relatives of Sysazzle employees on a bonus/commission plan, or relatives of Sysazzle managers.

    Referral Bonus Payment

    A referral becomes eligible for bonus payment after the referred candidate has worked 90 continuous days at Sysazzle.

    Payment Methods:

    • If the payee is an active Sysazzle employee, they can expect payment of the referral bonus via the payroll system approximately 30 days after the 90-day criteria has been met.
    • If the payee is a Non Employee, they can expect payment of the referral bonus via a paper check approximately 30 days after Sysazzle receives a completed W9 tax form.
    • Self referrals are not eligible.
    • Referrals hired as Sysazzle internal employees are not eligible.
    • All Payments made under this plan are taxable income.
    • You must submit the referral form on this page at the time of referral to be eligible
    • Referrals are valid for twelve months after the referral is received by Sysazzle.
    • If a referred candidate is currently in the Sysazzle Recruiting database, and there has been no communication or documentation of an interactive exchange with the candidate and Sysazzle within a twelve-month period, the new referral would be valid and eligible for a referral bonus.
    • If a referred candidate is a past Sysazzle employee, they have to have been inactive for two years for a new referral to be accepted and eligible for a bonus payment.
    • Eligible applicants will receive a bonus based on the referred candidate’s skill classification.
    • You are eligible for a referral bonus up to six months after Sysazzle sends the request for a W9 tax form. After six months the bonus will be considered invalid.
    • This Referral Bonus Program policy supersedes any prior Sysazzle Referral Bonus Program. Sysazzle management reserves the right to modify and/or terminate this program at any time.